Picnic Basket Essentials

The weather’s warming up, and summer holidays are coming around. That means it’s time to get outside here in Princeton, West Virginia! Picnics are an ideal outdoor activity, but you’ll want to know how to make the perfect picnic basket before heading out. Here are a few picnic basket essentials to consider

  1. A blanket

This is obvious, but you’ll want the perfect blanket. Big enough for food and people! It’s good to bring an extra, too.

  1. A corkscrew

The worst situation is a wine bottle you can’t open. Make sure you have a hefty corkscrew.

  1. Ice pack

You don’t want food to get warm and spoil in the hot weather. Be sure you sandwich some ice packs in between those sandwiches!

  1. Plastic/acrylic wine glasses

These have two benefits: they can be reused and they’re picnic-ready. They also have a cool indentation for your thumb to make it easier to hold!

  1. Moist towelettes

These are perfect for messy food; you’ll have a napkin and washcloth all-in-one.

  1. Salt n’ peppa

Okay, not the hit 90’s R&B group, unless you have an old CD hanging around… but salt and pepper are key elements for your meal! Don’t go without them.

  1. Trash bags

Of course, you need trash bags for you cleanup. Picnic on!

Picnic Basket Essentials

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