Lancer Evo X Final Concept Debuts at Tokyo Auto Salon

When we learned the current Mitsubishi Lancer Evo would be the last of its kind, we were understandably bummed. One of the most iconic high-performance sports cars in a generation—gone. But recent developments have somewhat changed our outlook on the situation.

First, Mitsubishi executive Don Swearingen told us we would get a special “going away edition” Lancer Evo X in June or July—a GSR five-speed with “more horsepower, some suspension tuning, and more bits [and] pieces that are being finalized.”

That was enough to mute our disappointment, but now we’ve just learned that the upcoming Lancer Evo X Final Edition would be quite a lot more impressive than we’d originally thought. We expected small tweaks, but a newly-revealed Lancer Evo X Final Edition Concept at the Tokyo Auto Show has uncovered so much more.

The special edition gets a new HKS turbo, larger intakes and intercoolers, an upgraded cooling system and exhaust, adjustable HKS suspension, and 19-inch Rays forged wheels. More than just simple “bits and pieces.” Its horsepower output from the 2.0-liter engine has exploded from 290 to 473!

We were sad to learn there would be no more Lancer Evos, but now we can’t wait for the final Evo X to arrive at Pantili Mitsubishi this summer!

Tokyo Auto Salon

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