How to Protect Your Car from Burglars

Although car thefts are on the decline, there are always those out there who are on the hunt for vehicles that would be easy to break into and steal. Whether those people are looking for a new ride for themselves or just  want to make a quick buck by selling its parts, it is important that you stay alert to this ever-lurking danger. Here at Pantili Mitsubishi, we’ve got some tips on how to protect your car from burglars.

  1. Lock up – No matter how long you anticipate being away from your vehicle, be sure to roll the windows up all the way and lock all the doors, every time.
  2. Park well – It is wise to park in a well-lit area. Find a spot under or near a street light whenever possible and avoid parking behind a large van or truck that obscures your vehicle from view, giving burglars easier access.
  3. Hide belongings – Before you leave the parking lot for your next destination, be sure to hide your belongings. Bags, boxes, etc., will only tempt robbers, as will placing bags in the trunk just before walking into a store. We recommend that you place your belongings in the trunk or conceal them in the back seat before you drive from one parking lot to your next destination.

Be sure to hide electronics out of sight as well. If your GPS leaves a ring on your window, use an alcohol wipe to clean the glass and keep prowling thieves from guessing there is a GPS system somewhere inside the vehicle.

While we don’t like to think about there being people in the world with such cruel intentions, we can’t pretend they don’t exist. Make it a habit to exercise safe habits every time you leave your vehicle, so that your car becomes less of a temptation to thieves. The best way to avoid having your vehicle stolen is not to stay home, but to be a smart driver.

Protect your car from burglars

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