A Few Driving Habits That Will Cost You

driving habits that will cost you Everyone expects to pay a little every now and then for vehicle maintenance. But certain things can make it cost more than a little. Here are a few driving habits that will cost you


Aggressive Braking


Unless you drive a performance vehicle or a truck, your brakes are not designed for constant aggressive driving. If you brake late and hard often, you are going to have to pay for brake pads more often.


Ignoring Check Engine Light


Your vehicle manufacturer created the Check Engine light warning system for a reason. Your vehicle is built with lots of sensors that trip the light, letting you know your vehicle needs attention. Ignore these warnings and you can end up paying a lot more down the road.


Shifty Shifting


When you are shifting your vehicle, make absolutely sure it is not in motion. The way that transmissions are designed, shifting while in motion can damage the internal parts very quickly.


Putting Off Routine Maintenance


You’ll find a routine maintenance schedule in your owner’s manual. This routine is specifically created to keep your vehicle in shape and to prevent major repairs. Ignore it and you will pay for it.


The bottom line: keep up on maintenance and take ‘er easy and you should be able to keep maintenance costs to a minimum.

Mitsubishi Autonomous Technology to Get Rocket Boost

When you are relaxing at the wheel, enjoying a fully-autonomous Mitsubishi vehicle in the future, you’ll have missile technology to thank.


Mitsubishi has its hand in all sorts of diverse industries. In addition to making extraordinary SUVs like the Mitsubishi Outlander, the automaker also makes rockets and missiles.


Most people are familiar with the notion of a guided missile. Modern-day, high-tech missiles reach their target by means of a guidance system that can include all sorts of technologies. Missiles manufactured by Mitsubishi use millimeter-wave radars, sonar, sensors and cameras to achieve success.


Mitsubishi has recently announced that it will be taking the systems that it uses in its missiles and using them to enhance Mitsubishi autonomous technology. As one can imagine, the technology is quite easily applicable to use in road vehicles.


As Popular Mechanics relates, the fact that Mitsubishi has all of the tech “in-house” means it shouldn’t take too long at all before we see Mitsubishi vehicles arrive at market bearing this super high-tech tech.

mitsubishi autonomous technology