2015 Mirage is the Fastest-Rising Mitsubishi Model This Year

fastest-rising Mitsubishi model

If, just a few years ago, you’d told Pantili Mitsubishi that the Mitsubishi Mirage would become one of our best-selling vehicles in our lineup, we might have laughed.

It’s not a bad car at all but, let’s face it, it’s small and doesn’t abound in features, compared to some of our higher level options. Yet it’s become Mitsubishi’s second-best-selling vehicle in the United States this year, not far behind the Outlander Sport. Sales through May have increased by 73.6% compared to 2014, making it the fastest-rising Mitsubishi model this year.

Remember when it managed to outsell the 2015 Volksagen Golf GTI back in February? (And the Toyota Prius V, Audi A4, Lexus GS, and other popular cars?) Even some of Mitsu’s executives are surprised. “It’s selling really, really well, beyond expectations,” said Bryan Arnett, senior manager of product strategy.

The Mirage has found great appeal among customers who were previously thinking about buying a used car. With a $12,995 entry price, a 44-mpg highway fuel-economy rating, and a 100,000-mile/10-year powertrain warranty, it becomes easy to see why the Mirage has found its way to so many new garages!

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