Mitsubishi Electric to Open METoA Ginza Event Space

Mitsubishi Electric Mitsubishi doesn’t only have amazing cars. Part of the brand’s excellent engineering is due to its incredible electric company. Mitsubishi Electric: Touch of Advancement is a new event space opening up in Tokyo.

Based off Mitsubishi’s theme “Always something new. With Mitsubishi Electric,” this space will provide visitors with opportunities to see, feel, and experience innovative Mitsubishi products and services through hands-on events.

A main attraction on the second floor is called METoA VISION, a multi-display system made up of 64 giant screens that feature limited-time events held in collaboration with celebrities, artists, and creators. The opening event, called “Flowers of Ginza,” will be free of charge from March 31st to June 28th, and features creations from three teams of flower artists and video creators.

DIATONE speakers will be incorporated into the facility’s elevators to emphasize the brilliance of Mitsubishi Electric’s technology. The showroom and event space will highlight tons of Mitsubishi entertainment features and advancements.

Mitsubishi constantly puts out quality and entertainment, and now we know that it’s not just about their cars!

5 Best Cartoon Cars

Real cars are awesome, but cartoon cars are fun! Here are some of the most famous and best cartoon cars to introduce to your kids.

  1. The Gadgetmobile – Who could forget the Gadgetmobile? Inspector Gadget’s awesome Batmobile rival is modeled after the Mark II Supra and DeLorean. And it goes from car to minivan!
  2. The Original Optimus Prime – This one is modeled after a Freightliner Cab-Over and is the leader of the Autobots. Optimus Prime is one roaring monster that transforms from a regular truck to a Deception-shredding robot.
  3. Canyonero – From The Simpsons, this car is part Range Rover, Jeep Grand Wagoneer, plus a bunch of other American stereotypes. With the Canyonero, The Simpsons good-naturedly pokes fun of our “classic American car” obsession.
  4. Heavy Metal ‘Vette – This cartoon car modeled after a 1960 Corvette is part of the opening sequence to the film Heavy Metal. It launches from a Space Shuttle before touching down in a canyon with an astronaut behind the wheel. Pretty much everyone’s dream.
  5. Mater – Mater from Cars is almost too infamous. Modeled after a 1951 International Harevester and a 1956 Chevy Truck, it’s rusty, outdated, and full of old redneck jokes.

Cartoon Cars